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Shizuka was happy.  Genuinely and absolutely happy.  Overjoyed even.  He was back where he belonged, at the side of the one who mattered most.  However, all these emotions didn’t so much as flicker on the surface of his stoic expression, which remained calm and collected.  Doumeki was a master at hiding how he truly felt.  If he weren’t, surely by now he would have told Watanuki just how cute he was, how he made him feel… everything.

Sake too.”  He stated, following the male into the shop.  He gracefully removed his sandals, leaving them at the door as he walked down the hallway, looking up at the familiar walls… the likes of which he hadn’t seen since he was last here, alive. Had to have been when he brought his son here for the last time, at nearly fifty.

The male refused to worry Watanuki at the time about his health, or the fact that he was going to die.  He merely let his son continue where he left off, watching over the lonely magician.

The flare of annoyance struck him once again, but the bespectacled male had been expecting the request. And honestly, even if Doumeki hadn’t asked, he would have still broke out the sake for the man. It wasn’t like he didn’t have any in the storage room. There were still the untouched sake he had made just half year ago. Watanuki shook his head, grinning at the timing of it all.

Eventually, the store owner slowed to a stop and opened the screen door. And for a brief moment, it felt like that nothing had changed at all. Doumeki still had visited from regularly, pestering him for food and just being a general annoyance. The sensation was so familiar yet so old that it made Watanuki want to choke back something sad and a burning feeling of his eyes. No, no. He can’t cry like an idiot now.

"Wait there," he said to the man, not quite a request, but rather a command. He then called for Maru and Moro to set up a table for them to dine on, which they happy obliged to. After all, Watanuki was finally pulling out the sake!

He closed the screen door and began to head for the kitchen. His mind was wandering now, and his thoughts lingered on Doumeki. Something had changed within his friend. No, not his personality…but his aura.

Watanuki stopped in his tracks.

Shinigami. No wonder the man wasn’t consumed by spirits. Now why didn’t he thought of that in the first place?

He continued his way into the kitchen, humming a tune he recently learned on his shamisen. Things were about to get interesting if the reappearance of Doumeki had any indication. And Watanuki couldn’t say he liked it one bit.

hismajestythemaou whispered:
❝ "Oh! Finally I seem to have found this shop. If it isn't too much trouble, Watanuki-san, I genuinely would appreciate some assistance." He idly regarded the male with a gentle smile. He had been able to discern Watanuki's name due to a dream. It seemed the young man before him had considerable power. Oddly enough the male reminded Yukito of the space-time witch.

Watanuki had been already standing out in the yard of the shop when the light-haired priest approached him. If he had remembered correctly, this male was the high priest in the Kingdom of Clow. His eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion, nevertheless, he returned the smile with his own out of courtesy.

"It’s not a problem," he replied, gesturing towards the shop. "Would you like to come in? I suppose that you might be more comfortable discussing the matter inside."

a-little-pipe-fox-deactivated20 whispered:
❝ "Eep eep!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ !" (There you are! I've been looking for you!)

"Mugetsu!" he practically exclaimed. A smile flashed across his face as he extended an arm for the pipe fox to curl around.

"I’ve missed out on a lot of stuff, huh?" Watanuki said, sighing. He was gone for a while, and now…

He scratched the back of his head in annoyance. “Now…let’s see what has been happening.”


shinigamidoumeki whispered:
❝ "Kimihiro." He muttered the name, looking uncertain for a few moments. "Don't get so worked up. I have to call you this. A spell was put on me. Can you break it?" The male inquired, obviously uncomfortable with calling the sorcerer by his first name. Not only was it rude, but there was the chance that it would make Watanuki uncomfortable as well. He loved the male far too much to be this informal.

Watanuki blinked at him, tad bit surprised by Doumeki calling him Kimihiro. He opened his mouth to begin scowling the male until he assessed that Doumeki was rather uncomfortable saying it. The sorcerer himself didn’t care for it much, but sighed. “One of those magic greyfaces, huh?” he asked, sighing in annoyance. “Unfortunately, I have…received one of their kind as well and I haven’t been able to break it.”

Well, hadn’t tried at least. And Watanuki was rather…occupied by the overwhelming thoughts that he kept seeing from his companion. After these three days, he don’t think he could ever look at Doumeki  in the eyes again.


The girl gave a small start, her eyes widening slightly. “W-what?” she exclaimed, now becoming flustered. “I never… I just…” She stuttered through her words, feeling incapable of forming them properly.

Watanuki quirked an eyebrow, a look of amusement on his face. Ah, so he was right then. It seemed that his instinct was getting better and better. However, he cannot control another human’s action for the sake of love. He had already gotten one too many requests of that.

"So…am I correct?" he asked tentatively.


They both understood that, by now, Watanuki should know her routine. When she requested for sake, that also meant an added bonus of a meal. Oh how she loved his cooking, they fitted her appetite and kept her wanting for more. Although she often wanted specific food, this time she’ll let him do the picking. Since she was feeling extra cordial today.

“Ever the eager to serve.” She commented, after noticing his eyes roll. But she made no further remark on the matter when he brought up her drinking buddy. “Why of course… this party wouldn’t be much of a party without Mokona!”

"Food…sake…Just like the old times."

Watanuki hardly used the kitchen now, ever since Mokona had fallen back into his slumber a decade or so ago. It was rather easy to lose track of time. Especially when he knew he wasn’t dying any time soon. It was tiring, waiting a hundred year. Glancing back at Yuuko’s form, he smiled.

Now, what should he cook? Something to go with rich-tasting sake, of course…

Watanuki walked to the store room, pondering.


You shouldn’t slouch like that.  It makes you look like an old man.”  Slender fingers reached out, gently brushing under the male’s chin in an effort to coax him into standing up straight.  Doumeki was well aware that as a spirit, he had to concentrate to effect the environment around him.

From the moment he saw the male, he couldn’t focus on anything but Watanuki.  Touching him was easy.  He had missed it.  Missed him.

A party?  Make that five bottles of sake then.  Two for me, three for her.”

“You aren’t allowed to die, idiot.  Plus you look good in that apron.”

"Who’re you calling an old man?" Watanuki shot back, straightening up and crossing his arms together indignantly. The bespectacled male huffed and began to walk away.

Much to his dismay, Watanuki could see that Doumeki had missed him. Badly, it seemed. Watanuki didn’t want to see into anyone’s mind but. This was the power granted to him by that stupid, magic-waving greyface. He flushed even more so as he walked.

"Five bottles of sake? I bet they can finish seven…"

"Stop saying that! I-I do not look good in an apron. What are you, a pervert?"


“Whatever do you mean?” Yuuko drawled, teasingly. At the moment, she didn’t want to spoil the reunion with the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’, for she herself did not fully understand the situation herself. But now, as directed by her own words, was the time to celebrate.

And what better way than to enjoy some fine sake?

“Let’s party! Chop chop Watanuki~”

After decades of dealing with customers, he could detect that there were some lingering questions between them. But…the reunion was much more important. Fate could be put aside, just for a moment, while they enjoy this peace.

"Hai, hai. I’ll get the sake." And cook the food.

Watanuki rolled his eyes.

"Should I get Mokona as well?"

Because this peace might not last much longer.


I’m no freeloader.  Besides, I have been working.  Haven’t you noticed that no malicious spirits seem to get within ten feet of this place?  Jeez.  You are oblivious.”  Doumeki had been looking after the Wish Shop from his side of things for some time now.  Watanuki was his priority after all.

“You can feed it to me, wearing just that apron.”

"…Fine, I’ll give you some sake."

Watanuki shuffled away, a bit embarrassed. He hadn’t noticed the gradual stop of malicious spirits coming for his shop. He was, after all, rather busy.

"For Yuuko-san, though! We’re going to have a party."

"Over my dead body!"